Cocks, vaginas and assholes

2012-06-24 12:12:17 by DJJ-asshole

Hello guys. I've been away from NG for a long time, and because I finished my final project for college, I tried to submit it here on Newgrounds.

Though I didn't have a lot of reviews and it left me with a lot of questions.
So I want to ask you guys a few things. First, could you please watch it and give me an honest review?

Second of all, what baffles me is, that the score is pretty low, even lower than old submissions of mine. I would think that I have improved a lot, but it seems that it doesn't matter at all here on NG, except that the movie needs to be funny. So, what are your thoughts on this?


2009-09-01 18:47:20 by DJJ-asshole

A TRUE EPIC SUPER AWESOME story about something that happened a few days ago.

Don't worry, the movie is shit because the graphics don't matter, I JUST WANT TO SHOW YOU THE KIDS THESE DAYS QUICKLY.


Obviously it's me on the train. Yea.

Also, let's take this chance to talk about my upcoming studies.
On the 10th of september, I'm going to do an examination to see if I'm fit enough for this animation school called KASK. There will be an interview and a practical examination. I sure hope I do pass... It's the best school for animation in Belgium. I worked really hard, and I've always wanted to do something with drawing when I was a kid.

*Hopes the judges of the school read this*

On the other hand, I'm working hard to make up for not sending any flashes anymore to Newgrounds. It's a movie called "Neonlights" (if it the title isn't taken already, that is).
I made it because a friend wanted me to make a clip for his song. It's going to be bad-ass, or at least I hope people think that.
Check out the one little screenshot I made (sorry, the flash is really short right now).

Not going to spill the story, but keep tracking my logs for more information!


Time to say something

2008-07-05 18:55:50 by DJJ-asshole

Care for a Brawl? Add me and PM me your code! 2750-2552-8884

Seeing my old post is enerving me, so it's about time I refresh my page. Also wanted to check out if there are actually people reading my blogs.

So, if you know me a bit, you'll notice that I don't come to NG a lot anymore. The BBS just isn't what it's used to be (not complaining that it's gotten worse, just saying that it's different, and with other people). As an oldfag, I'm not used to that.

The second thing is, I'm not attracted to this stats-whoring system anymore, which lead me to do countless voting.

A third point, I don't make a lot of movies anymore, which is the most important reason why I don't come here often anymore. But I promise to myself (and to you guys), that I will never stop animating, for I love it too much.

Seeing my own flashmovie on the frontpage without any help from others (OMG VOTE 5; TOM PUT IT ON THE FRONTPAGE PLZ.) is still satisfying. Thanks for anyone who bookmarked me and my flashmovies!


Porn and Hot Chicks...

2007-12-28 11:35:14 by DJJ-asshole

... are related to each other.

Here's the deal: I submitted 2 flashmovies to the portal.

Conditions Episode 1: The New ReignConditions Episode 2: Consequences Both submissions won an award: Daily feature, and Daily 4th.

I don't know what's wrong with NG nowadays, but it sure is fucked up... Thanks for the award, anyhow.

And if you happen to read this, and your name happens to be Tom Fulp.*edit*Thanks for the frontpage!.

May the Force be with your future children.

PS.: If you're still Tom Fulp, could you explain me HOW to send you the NG Bytesize.... You don't even display your e-mail, and as far as a know, you can't submit a flash through PM... ====================================== ======================================

Hi people,

You might know me (Mario's 20th anniversary perhaps?) , or not (Heh, mention the reply in your comment, as a poll ;-) ),
but I finally open my mouth as a Flash author in -I guess- a year of inactivity.

I haven't submitted stuff for a while, and I want to announce that i'm NOT DEAD, and still working.
Because this newest Flash is my best project so far, and it requires a lot more effort.

Back to the main subject:
Mario's 25th Anniversary

The most of you probably have seen "Mario's 20th Anniversary" Collab, since it has more than 500k views and frontpaged with Daily 1st.

I was thinking; when it was first released, we were all relieved. But soon after, people ask me and the fellows to make more. They wondered if there would be a sequel somehow.
Then I replied: "Maybe."

I lead me to thinking. Why not make one for his 25th birthday? And also for his 30th?

Lately, I've checked the latest reviews of the flash submission.
I read the review of "kandenb", and he reminded me to it.

Thanks "Kandenb" :) .

I decided to make one on Mario's 25th anniversary.
As a hommage to the first submission, I'll invite the same authors again.
At least, I'll try to, I lost contact with some of them already.

I guess there are 3 more years to go.
We'll get plenty of time to improve, and I promise on the behalf of the team, that this Flash will be better than the first one, at least 100% ;-).

*Lie detector goes off*

Ok, at least 50% then. Or we'll try.

Miscellaneous news:

My latest project has got a temporary name, "Mother Nature".
It's a story about a device invented for the Police Department to decrease criminality.
It's situated in the near future.

A cop's wife gets killed, and he hands over the device to the Mafia, causing a huge war to start.
It's good against evil.

The story so far, seems to be cliché, but wait till you hear what the device is *keeps it a secret*.

Okay, that is all. I said all the words collected in one year.
Here's a screenie for my newest movie, as a reward for reading my boring journal.

Cya later,

DJJ-Asshole aka Jason

Mario's 25th Anniversary Collab?

Some journal

2007-08-04 07:26:52 by DJJ-asshole

I know you guys don't give a fuck, but I'm going to test some of these new functions.

Go ahead and cry.