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Cocks, vaginas and assholes

2012-06-24 12:12:17 by DJJ-asshole

Hello guys. I've been away from NG for a long time, and because I finished my final project for college, I tried to submit it here on Newgrounds.

Though I didn't have a lot of reviews and it left me with a lot of questions.
So I want to ask you guys a few things. First, could you please watch it and give me an honest review?

Second of all, what baffles me is, that the score is pretty low, even lower than old submissions of mine. I would think that I have improved a lot, but it seems that it doesn't matter at all here on NG, except that the movie needs to be funny. So, what are your thoughts on this?


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2012-06-24 12:42:09

misleading title is misleading.


2012-06-24 12:45:19

Newgrounds needs a better community of users, thats the truth. It seems it doesn't matter how good you are, just as long as you capture the attention span of a 13 year old little prick -_- it's sadly true. Zero bombers just keep boting songs down and if someone's lucky they get their song on weekly top 5 or front page. This has been goin on since around 2009 2010 or so, thats when I noticed the Zero bombing began.

Really this is a mixed mutimedia community though, and mainly focuses on animation and games and considering people have floating bubbles with cockjokes in their heads what can you really expect out of people nowadays :/ sad really. I would hope that there were more helpful people on here like some of the true audio artists and animators.

As for your animation, I liked it. It's a different art style and with good framerate, reminds me of stuff i saw as a kid. Only thing is I felt it couldve been a little longer and the colors were less faded but I liked it. I cant review on there due to an incident 4 years ago where I got hacked and banned from reviewing because of the hacker. Hang in there, life is hard sometimes, especially when you work hard and don't gain much from it, I've known what that's like for almost 7 years now :C


2012-06-24 12:47:51



2012-06-24 12:59:28

most want to see titts. thats why are the meet'n'fuck games have so many views.

but improvement DOES count. however a flash with good quality alone is worthless. it have to be entertainfull as well . actionfull or funny...or maybe have boobs on it (thats not what i wat. i personaly wish internet was not that sexist >:C)

well..i think this is my toughts.

DJJ-asshole responds:

I disagree. A medium should not be only entertaining. I do understand that people here look for entertainment though, because people grew up with the idea that movies are meant to be tell a story and to kill time.

However, I personally enjoy a walk on the mountains, and look at the distant landscape. Maybe that's not entertaining or exciting, but it sure calms me down and touches my emotions.

I think movies can do the same, they can provoke a feeling, and do not necessarily need to entertain.


2012-06-24 13:39:22

I've always a relation of Love/Hate in the NG community. Because now I feel like noboy cares about newgrounds, because there is Youtube wich is more popular or Vimeo wich is viewed by most professional, so the best animator leave NG an go to those sites. It's kinda sad, because the standart of Newgrounds is...Kinda low, it has always been low, wich is a good thing because they frontpage artists who aren't really great animators sometimes, but now I feel like they are putting the most viewed things longer on the FP for having 1 or 2 movies with more than a million views. And good quality works where put off the FP with less than 10K views. Sad, especially when you see the most viewed film or the most recent flash on the FP.


2012-06-24 14:11:35

I really did appreciate the Flash. I liked the colors and contained a lot of nice frame by frame. I bet people gave it a bad score because the audio quality was kind of terrible. Did you change the publish settings to export high quality sound?

(Updated ) DJJ-asshole responds:

The audio was terrible because it's supposed to be that way. If you listened closely, it's only bad quality on parts when he's riding an attraction, or doing some other things with the doll. Because it's on-screen music, music that comes from speakers of the attractions.

Only at the end the music is off-screen.


2012-06-24 14:57:42

Look, when it comes to the Newgrounds community, story and humor are everything. Animation is just a boost. Concentrate on animation, but really concentrate on writing and story.
Voices weren't really that good. Watch this:

(Updated ) DJJ-asshole responds:

"The audio was terrible because it's supposed to be that way. If you listened closely, it's only bad quality on parts when he's riding an attraction, or doing some other things with the doll. Because it's on-screen music, music that comes from speakers of the attractions.

Only at the end the music is off-screen."


2012-06-24 19:38:14

It doesn't need to be funny at all. It's a combination of everything that makes a piece outstanding and enjoyable. Story, music, atmosphere, animation, voice acting, style etc.

I mean, "There she is", for example, is on Newgrounds' top movies for a really long time now. While it's not the funniest thing on here, it stands out because of its absurd romance story between a cat and a rabbit. It has some funny and cheesy parts here and there but no cocks, vags or assholes in any of the episodes.

This is just one of many examples. But I can assure you it's the combination of everything that counts. Especially the sound that is responsible for more than half of the movie's quality.

(Updated ) DJJ-asshole responds:

I'm well-aware of that fact. However, what you're saying does not apply here. If a movie is simply funny, and does not have anything else, it still WILL get a good score. You can't deny that.

I'm also not saying that well-animated movies won't be rated well, I'm saying that movies without a plot or other entertainment values get rated worse. That's why you gave a bad example, "There she is" is meant to be funny. How funny it is does not matter, people will like it if it's entertaining (whether it's drama, comedy or action, especially the last two).

Have you considered that fact that some people don't want a story? That's what some people don't realize, because they've been growing up with the mindset that a movie should be something narrative. For me, it's just enough when an atmosphere is created (in this movie).

About the sound quality, like I said two times before in previous comment, it's because I wanted it to be that way in some scenes. It could also be worse due to conversion, but that's because I had to convert an AVI file of 4gb to a small FLV. Watch the original version here youtu.be/YI13ZCJzmVo.


2012-06-24 20:22:40

5'd it

Honestly, Newgrounds has always been the case of throwing your hard work into the hordes of 13 year old's and see how they score. My latest animation was probably the best work I've ever done in years but it didn't get as many views or feedback as I hoped :\

DJJ-asshole responds:

Hi Myles, long time no see, I didn't know you're still on NG!

I haven't seen many of your animations either these past years, I'll check it out now.
And yes, it's not only Newgrounds, but it's the internet in general. More and more people use and abuse the internet, because it used to be for nerds. Now it's getting mainstream, and everyone want to have their say on matters, even those who do not possess the knowledge on matters.


2012-06-24 23:42:19

I think it was good but the reason I think it was not doing so well is the fact we are on the internet, and as such for the few who want real stimulation and can focus for longer than a goldfish (3 seconds in case you didn't know), there are hundreds who seek nothing but mindless pleasure and filler for their nonexistant lives (which they don't want to think about anyway). But I think you did pretty well (though I'll be honest, I have no idea what went on). 4 out of 5 and I hope to see more of you.


2012-06-24 23:44:38

also I don't quite understand why you named your entry what you did (though I can guess).

DJJ-asshole responds:

Thanks for your comments. I named it "Weifeltower" in Dutch, a wordplay on the Eiffer tower. It litterally means "The Wiggly tower".

I named it that way, because the tower you see in the first and last shot caused the accident that closed the park.


2012-06-25 03:37:51

Oh man, you can't post stuff like that here! I was delighted watching this. But nuance is not something tolerated here at all. Well, occasionally, perhaps. I particularly enjoyed the end, not because it was entertaining, or because it was a logical close to the story or because it united previous threads in the animation, but because it made me imagine what had happened, why it happened, who the main character really was and why he had this collection or perhaps the collection wasn't his, but previous park-goer's remnants. Sorry for the run-on sentence! I loved the melancholy overtones, and the touch of the macabre at the end was a nice little brain tease. Thank you :)

DJJ-asshole responds:

"Oh man, you can't post stuff like that here!"

I feel strangely flattered by that comment. I like your open-minded attitude, thanks for giving weird movies like this a chance. As for a prequel, that's not what I wanted to achieve. It's not a series, it's just a creation that came out of my head. Sure, I want to improve it, but I will never make a sequel or a prequel as if it were a series.

Thanks for your well-thought critique, and I didn't mind your "long" comment at all. In fact, I love reading long texts.


2012-06-25 05:31:10

Its because as newgrounds grows in popularity, more and more of the population is getting on newgrounds, and lets face it, most of the population is kids and idiots. Especially here, in America.


2012-06-25 06:40:05

also, congrats on 5th place


2012-06-25 07:18:58

let's see


2012-06-25 10:48:01

its very simple, newgrounds is a place where simple people go to see simple animation in a cartoon format. it is rare that you see things like that on newgrounds get high ratings unless it really touches people


2012-06-25 11:13:04

Hey, I just wanted to clarify. I wasn't trying to imply that I was suggesting a prequel or sequel. I loved the questioning because I get to imagine what had happened or, was happening or all the others things I wondered. I was just saying that I enjoyed the spark that ignited my imagination that's all :)


2012-06-25 12:44:29

Haha, don't get the wrong idea from me :P
I wasn't criticizing any of your content, I was just giving some "advices" and a possible explanation why things are not voted the way they should.

Also, I didn't watch the animation first. I probably should have :P
After watching it, though, I found it quite entertaining. The audio quality wasn't that bad, either.


2012-06-25 20:10:47

I'll only add that there's a new video player on NG. I heard it only works for MP4, but if it works for you you should definitely try it. Many people have felt a lot of relief of not trying to upload only SWFs anymore.


2012-06-26 15:53:51

The rating seems pretty high to me. The reason it didn't do as well as you had hoped is probably due mostly to the long pre-loader and the downgrade in visuals from importing it into flash. I would suggest using the new video upload (if you dont have that option, email one of the mods). You'd be surprised how many people give negative ratings if they have to wait for more than a few seconds for something to load. Good luck on your next video!

DJJ-asshole responds:

Now the rating is okay, but it used to be 3.1, mind you.
I'll try to upload as an MP4. Thanks for your tips.